When you become premium, your escort ad will be highlighted as a “premium” member, Your profile will always show first on the homepage and when a user does an “escort search” in your area, your profile will always show first. This makes your ad stand out from the rest, thus increasing your chances for better clients.

How To Become A premium escort?

 There are 2 simple ways:
1. Amazon  Everybody purchases from Amazon. Whenever you decide to purchase from them, visit our website ( first and click any link and you will be taken to the Amazon website. Amazon rewards us whenever we send a visitor to their website to make a purchase.
After you make a purchase from Amazon, they will email you your order number. Copy that number and contact us at Roadbunnies with that number and we will then Upgrade your profile to premium.
2. Seductify  Same thing. Whenever you make a purchase from SEDUCTIFY.COM  (ADULT TOYS), come back to our site and contact us with your order number and we will upgrade your membership to “Premium”
So whenever you decide to make a purchase at Amazon, why not visit them through our site first and recieve free premium membership everytime.
This gives you more value for your money spent and supports us as well.
This is how we are able to allow everyone on Roadbunnies free Regular membership and free Premium membership.

Remember, you will not receive free premium membership if you go directly to Amazon’s website.



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I wanna get the free premium account on this site February 19, 2018 | Reply

Simply go to either one of the 2 sites mentioned and make any purchase. When you receive your order(receipt) number in your email, contact us with that number. Once we conform it, we will upgrade your membership

Email (You will receive an email with a link AND YOU MUST UPLOAD AT LEAST 1 PHOTO )
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