Receiving your payments online for security and safety for Escort providers & Clients

Escort providers can now receive their payments from clients online immediately before meeting them.

Most Importantly – For your protection, you will receive your payments as a different service provider name, rather than an escort..

How does this work?

Go to and register for free. Once your registered, create your “Service” ad under one of their provided categories, for example: House Cleaning, Massage service, Catering, Etc…

Once your service ad is finished, simply copy the link and paste it to every “Escort” profile you have online.

Now you can refer every potential client visiting your escort profile to your payment profile

Three main benefits for using Jotmon as an Entertainment Provider:

  • Provider & Client Protection… As an escort service provider, you may feel more comfortable receiving money from your clients under another service name, rather than an escort. Jotmon has multiple service categories for you to create your payment profile. You can except payment as a “house cleaner”, “personal Assistant”, Massage provider and more. This is added security with documented protection if you or the client ever encounter any legal issues from excepting payment (as an escort) or purchasing (as a client). This can protect Both: the client and independent escort.
  • Convenience… When you create your profile:
  • 1. you can either require your full payment online OR
  • 2. you can require only upfront partial payment online, and the remaining payment in person when you both meet. This is if you’d prefer to get paid cash on hand. So for example, if your rate is $100 dollars for your service, you can set your payment up as $10 dollars now (upfront) and remaining $90 cash when you meet in person. You will still be protected from the documented $10-dollar purchase online for your service.
  • Secure Payments… When the escort provider and client make reservations to meet, the client will make payment on provider’s profile. The provider will receive notification that they have received payment, but the payment will not go automatically to the providers account. Money will held escrow until the client and provider have met up in person and are satisfied with each other. Once you are both satisfied with each other, the client will then go back to their original payment and release the funds to the provider. Basically the same as when you purchase on Ebay, the seller will not receive the money immediately… PayPal will hold it until each party is satisfied.


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