Lot Lizards near me

A lot lizard is a prostitute who engages in sexual activities with truck drivers in exchange for payment normally in the form of money and valuables. The term lot lizard is used because the prostitute moves from truck to truck depicting a lizard moving from rock to rock and usually engages many drivers in a limited amount of time. A lot lizard is a form of street prostitution and lot lizards are mainly involved in offering service to truck drivers at truck stops and trucking industry. A lot lizards will propose his or her offer to the truck driver using a Citizens Band(CB) radio which is a form of short distance two way radio communication from a car that is parked a short distance from the truck. A lot lizard may also walk to the side of the truck and knock on the driver’s side, talk to the truck driver and join the driver in the truck after reaching an agreement. Lot lizards can be found at commercially operated as well as state operated truck stops, welcome centers and rest areas in the United States. Lot lizards can be found at truck stops in West Memphis Arizona, Memphis TN, Montgomery Alabama, El Paso Texas, Indianapolis, IN, Pilot truck stop in Louisville, Charleston West Virginia, TA truck stop in Grand Bay Alabama and at Gallops Truck stop, Michigan City. They are also all over along the Mexican border in truck stops.

There are many types of lot lizards. Commonly known types of lot lizards  include the Citizens Band radio that engage the driver using his radio frequency airwaves and ask the driver if he/she needs company or is looking for someone to have some good time with. The lot lizard will use phrases such as ‘what color is your house’ that translates to what color is your truck for them to locate the truck. Knocking skinks tap on the truck driver’s side window and talk to the truck driver directly. After tapping on the truck driver’s side the lot lizard will use the phrase ‘any commercial tonight?’ or ‘are you looking for commercial company?’ to find out if the driver is interested in commercial sex. Lot lizards knocking on the truck driver’s side at night have a tendency of never giving up until the driver talks to them or tells them to go away. After reaching an agreement the lot lizard may go ahead to join the truck driver in the cabin and offer service. A wandering whip tail lot lizard will approach the truck driver as he buys coffee or cigarettes and offer to talk or free company. Wandering whip tails sometimes approach truck drivers looking for free rides. Spiny desert dealers sell drugs and contraband to truck drivers and in the process they also propose sexual services in exchange for money. A horntail house wife is a lot lizard that serves the truck driver while he is around and serves other truck drivers while the truck driver is away. Other lot lizard types like the wine and dine type operate in a gang, as the main lot lizard is offering service to the truck driver, the others are busy going through the truck driver’s valuable stuff and wallet. This is why many truck drivers fall victim to truck stop robberies. Lot lizards have a vehicle parked nearby(safe truck) to hide in if there is police presence to avoid getting arrested and resume their activities once the police are out of view.

Lot lizards may comprise homeless youth, teenagers, middle aged men and women to old people who engage in survival sex so as to get life’s basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothes. This may also involve free rides as an exchange. Lot lizards  offer commercial sex acts in various locations that include the truck driver’s truck, surrounding brothels or the venues selected by the customers themselves. Lot lizards will flee the location in case of police presence. Dealing with lot lizards poses lots of risks that range from contacting communicable diseases, getting arrested and the truck being impounded to the truck driver losing his job or getting robbed at the same time. The truck driver may end up in jail for letting an under age lot lizard into the truck or illegal substances being found in the truck. These carry serious charges in a court of law and result in imprisonment of those involved. Some of the individuals who are lot lizards have communicable diseases that they transmit to the unsuspecting truck drivers.

There are many factors that have led to the recent increase in number of lot lizards such as popular culture that promotes prostitution, life circumstances forcing one to engage in acts of commercial sex, money, sex trafficking and poverty. Prostitution is often referred to as the oldest profession as it is integrated in our society and has existed since the beginning of time. Men and women serving as lot lizards are exposed to violence, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), drug and substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Sometimes the truck drivers may refuse to comply with the lot lizards agreement and refuse to pay. Lot lizards are socially isolated and stigmatized as a result of their activities. They lack families, parents and relatives and give in to the use of drugs to be less lonely and get addicted. For many in the lot lizard commercial sex work, use of drugs is seen as a primary pathway to the entry of the lucrative business. Abusive relationships had also been reported to be a major cause for the practice of street prostitution as a lot lizard especially by the female sex workers. Physical and emotional abuse from their boyfriends and husbands or partners has caused them to turn into lot lizards. Childhood sexual exploitation, incest, rape as well as prostitution by family members can make one to turn to prostitution. Most lot lizards try to avoid potentially violent truck drivers by choosing their clients carefully or choosing not to conduct their business inside the truck. The lot lizard may also carry a weapon as a way of protecting herself.

While it is difficult to eliminate prostitution, parents need to educate their children on the dangers of the profession as well as associated risks in order to prevent and reduce the growth of lot lizards.

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