In the world of escorts and sex workers, preference matters. Their bodies are what makes money for them, and protecting it means protecting their business. Some escorts prefer not to provide their services to African American men. Their ads would say something along the lines of “No Black Men” or “No African-Americans” or “No AA” or “No brothas”. It is for a variety of reasons and the major reasons are these :

1) The Size

No, this is not the body size but the size of their dicks. This is not saying that all African American men are well endowed or gifted when it comes to the size but a lot of them are. Not all girls or women have the capacity to withstand more than average length and size. Some women say that some black men can be rough and aggressive and if you add up their huge size, that’s going to leave the woman sore. Since they are in the sex business, more likely, they will be seeing more than just one man or client in a day. Their main goal, give the man pleasure and make him come in the quickest way they can. If they’ve already spent up their energy and their vajajay have already taken quite a performance, it would take them a lot longer to recover and thus their business for the day or days would suffer. Sex is not just about penetrations so it’s quite hard to accommodate the other requests such as oral or even anal if the size is quite large. Admit it or not, it takes a lot of effort and strength to give sexual services without any emotional attachment and it’s all just for the money. This is why girls would rather go for the average and not risk it. There are some who are brave enough to take on the larger sized men but would charge extra for it or would double the price of their services since it would require them as well to perform. They say that size does matter and it is particularly true for these women, not because of pleasure. Remember that they are not in this job for pleasure and they fake their enjoyment majority of the time so if it’s going to leave them sore and out of commission for days, they’d rather not do it at all.

2) Bad Experience in the Past

Some women have already experienced and have already been victims of injustices such as violence, abuse, robbery, and the likes of African American men. Things like this are traumatizing and it would create in them that kind of irrational fear that would have them generalize that all men of that race can also do what the others have done to them. It is unfair to those who are decent and well-meaning but you can’t blame these women especially if they really suffered hard from their previous experience.

Escorts do the job for money but unfortunately, some have experienced being robbed after giving their services. Some women are okay to deal with African American men but would have an age preference. This is one of the reasons. Robberies most likely happen when they deal with young black men especially in cities or places where there are ghetto communities. It’s either they rob you or are cheapskates. These women are in this industry for the money but being robbed or not being paid for their services just makes it worse for them.

Some women say that a lot of black men don’t take care of themselves (talking about grooming and hygiene here) or they don’t want to wear rubbers or contraception. The women said they are more likely to get STD’s from them because of this and if they already had gotten one in the past because of a certain man, that would be enough reason for them to be cautious as to not to have to deal with someone who might give them the disease.

Violence and abuse are what most women are afraid of and for those who had the misfortune of suffering this, the trauma is something that they’d have to live with for the rest of their lives. Why does this happen? Some men just have this notion that because they are dealing with sex workers, they have the right to treat these women however they want to. The women who have experienced this kind of violence are not being
racists, it’s just that they had to learn the hard way and their experience taught them who they need to avoid in order to keep themselves safe in this industry.

This is not to stereotype the black men. It doesn’t take a genius to know who’s the decent kind and who are those who are from the ghetto. The thing is if the women have friends who have had a horrible experience in the past, they would rather not risk themselves and avoid black men altogether rather than putting themselves out there with the probability that they would experience the same things that their friends did.

3) Racism

This is probably the worst kind of reason but something that’s quite uncontrollable, unfortunately. Some women don’t have a specific reason as to why they don’t cater to African American men. They simply just don’t want to. Maybe they just have a preference when it comes to looks, that they are not quite attracted to black men, and some just have this idea that white men will treat them better. Some have this idea that all Black men are from the ghettos which for them, equals to violence. Guns, drugs, STD’s, things that they don’t want to deal with. However unfair it may seem, these girls just want to protect themselves.

The job of escorts and sex workers is not an easy job. It is looked down upon and respect is hard to come by. This is why they would also prefer to give their services to those who would treat them fairly. Their bodies, their choice, their preference. At the end of the day, as any person would, they would want to work for someone whom they can be comfortable with and would feel safe with.

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