Ten Specialities of Escorts you Cannot Expect from your Partner

Escorts are known to provide company and more. They provide entertainment in various forms, including sexual satisfaction. She can be a paid date that you show off to others or she can be someone with whom you spend time. If you aren’t happy with your partner, either because she is too busy and doesn’t have time for you or doesn’t focus on you any more, then an escort will be a big help. The lady will give all her attention to you and will make sure that the focus is on you and your needs. They are far more flexible than real life partners. We will see the ten important specialities of escorts and why you can go for it.

If you have any kinky desires or pleasures that your real partner doesn’t want to fulfil then an escort will fulfil it with you. It is one of the Specialities of Escorts, that they give pleasure and do tasks that your real-life partner may not be interested in.The following can be some specialities of escorts that many cannot expect from their real partners.

Specialities of Escorts

You may be interested in certain kinds of fetishes. It may be a sexual fetish, which isn’t common.Fetishism means when an inanimate object is used to produce sexual excitement. It can also involve role-playing or may involve certain preferred sexual activities. You may be into exhibitionism where people perform sex acts in full view of others or into masochism where one is aroused through psychological and physical pain or even voyeurism. Many women aren’t comfortable with different types of fetishes and kinks, but if you desire this in a woman then hire an escort. Many women aren’t ok with the risqué nature. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to communicate what you expect from the escort so she may be prepared and pleasure you well. If you search for fetish escorts near me then you can get the listings of women who are willing to do this with you.

If you are thinking more about GFE escorts near me, even then you will find good listings. GFE or girlfriend experience is a specific service offered by escorts. You can say that it is one of the Specialities of Escorts. The escort will act like your girlfriend for a certain period of time. It will not be like hiring someone for one night and then having sex before she leaves. You can text and talk on the phone, go on dates, cuddle and kiss. You don’t have to have sex even, but just spend time with her, enjoy her company and intimacy, like you would with a girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean that sex is off the table. You can still be intimate and enjoy sex like a normal couple. This is usually for men for are lonely, single and want some female comfort. There is also the advantage that an escort will do anything you may want, even things that a real girlfriend may not enjoy.

If you are into travelling the world but your partner is a homebody, then there will be times when you will have to travel alone. In such events, you can look for call girls for outdoor trip near me and take the escort with you. They will travel with you wherever you go, keep you company, make conversation and then give you sexual pleasure. She will be there for your satisfaction only.

At times you may want to show off your date at a glossy event. If you don’t have a date and women around you are plain at best, then you can look for model escort girls. These women are pretty and polished and will make the perfect arm candy as you attend a glitzy event.

If you need a woman for a short period, then short term escort services will work well for you. For example, you may want to make an ex jealous or just tell people that you are seeing somebody. This may require a woman to be with you at a few occasions, no questions asked. If you try to get a real girlfriend, then it will take time and effort. Instead, you can just get an escort and she can play a role for you.

If you are someone with a high profile and many people know you around the world, there is always pressure to find the right partner. Also, you may not have the time that is needed to pursue someone. You could satisfy your sexual urges with a one-night escort with secure place. Your privacy and secrecy would be important, and the right escort can do that for you. She will not only give you an inviting and private place to have fun in, but also fulfil all your fantasies. This is one of the important Specialities of Escorts, asit can affect their business.

If you are looking for something quick and easy but also within a specific budget, then try searching for budget call girls near me. You don’t have to be a millionaire to avail the services and some offer it at very good prices. There is no wooing or dating needed, but you can get straight to sex part where the most fun lies.

Your real partner doesn’t like to get on her knees and suck you? Doesn’t deep throat or swallow? Well if you hire an escort then you can tell her to do all of this. They can give you a good blowjob and satisfy your sexual requirements.

Any kind of sexual enjoyment is called kinky sex. It is not limited to whips, costumes or objects. Kinks focus on increasing the partner’s pleasure by any means. Want to fuck the girl from behind with their hands tied? Or want her to ride you with your hands tied and your depravity arouses you? These are just examples of what you can achieve with an escort. You can have any request and they will aim to fulfil it.

Escorts also offer real partner experience. If you feel awkward with women and haven’t had the best luck in dating, try an escort. She will show you how a real partner is even if you don’t know what to do. You can get experience on how to act when there are girls around. She may also teach you the ways of pleasure and you can have a lot of fun learning that.

Escorts can pleasure you and entice you in many ways. Sometimes the tasks they perform for you will be difficult for a real-life partner. You can find pleasure with an escort. But remember to communicate clearly and make your requirements or desires known upfront. This will ensure that the escort is informed and comfortable so that your sexual pleasure is guaranteed.

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BDSM Sex Escorts to Give You Ultimate Pleasure

Have you wondered what BDSM is? Is it just about pain and submission as depicted by movies? Is it more? Is it only about whips and chains? Is it necessary for only the girl to be tied up? Or a man can be tied up as well? Can I find a BDSM sex escort for me to satisfy my desires? Let’s see.

BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism. It includes a variety of practices and is based on self-identification. It covers a wide range of interpersonal relations and subcultures. The BDSM community welcomes people who have non-normative beliefs, complimentary or unequal roles. For example, the sub and dom roles. Dom controls the sub, the dom is the instigator and the sub is the receiver of the action. Individuals can switch between sub or dom roles in different relationships or in one relationship.

BDSM Sex Escorts


BDSM is a wide term for particular types of erotic behaviour between adults who consent to it. People derive pleasure from such behaviour, even though the practices may include humiliation, restraints or infliction of pain. These acts may be unpleasant in other circumstances but in a BDSM scenario, it is welcomed. Sexual activity that is explicit, like penetration may or may not happen. Bondage means to tie up, disciplining may involve acts like whipping and sadism deals with acts that give pain to the receiver. The followers of BDSM derive sexual pleasure from all or any of it.

So, to summarise, BDSM requires consent. There can be a clear dominant and a submissive (dom and sub) in the dynamic. These activities are known as “play” or “sessions”. This isn’t the same as abuse, as any partner can stop giving consent through safe words. The minute a person utters a safe word, the action, whether is being tied or gagged is stopped immediately.

There are BDSM Sex Escorts who specialise in this and can give you immense pleasure. Kinky sex can bring new joys to sex and BDSM has the makings for it. BDSM aims to bring about intense sensations for a participant.A common belief is that doms have all the power but isn’t always true. Both parties have equal trust in each other and aim to derive pleasure. Similarly, a BDSM Sex Escort can bring you pleasure in ways that are different from the normal methods.

A lot of the practices in BDSM involve, role play, technique, rules and self-mastery. Examples of BDSM include physical sensations through candle wax or flogging, bondage or the art of shibori, submission and domination, dressing up, disciplining and role playing. For some it may mean a fun activity, some may take it as giving up or taking control. If you feel that you need spice in your sex life,then BDSM can bring that in for you. BDSM Sex Escorts can give you that thrilling sexual experience which you seek.

BDSM focuses on sensations and feelings and doesn’t always involve physical pain. If a person is excited, then the level of pain he feels will be very low. BDSM may involve a dom and a sub. So, if you feel like you want to explore these roles and the pleasure that comes with it then you may want to specifically search for kinky sex escorts near me.

A dom is usually dominant at the time of having sex while the sub likes to be dominated. If you can figure out if you are a dom or a sub, it will be much easier to understand how to have bdsm sex with escorts. Being a submissive doesn’t mean that you are lower than dom. Power relations in case of sex can be expressed in more ways than just bondage or masochism. It may involve fierce lovemaking or sexual positions. Sexual domination doesn’t mean being rude or mean in real life. A man or a woman can be a sub or a dom. A female dom is called a dominatrix. A dom and sub relation involveslots of role play and sexual pleasure is controlled by the dom. However, a dom does not intend to hold this pleasure but gives more of it through acts of control. For example, a sub may do something if only she/he is asked by the dom. For this, they will be rewarded sexually, possibly in the form of orgasms.

If you wish to be a dom and have an escort as a sub or have the opposite tastes, then BDSM Sex Escorts can fulfil your wishes. You can be a dominant and take pleasure from the fact that the sub is taking and giving pleasure to you. If you like power in sex, then the domrole is for you. However, if your kink is that you be a sub then you can look for dominatrix escorts in New York or any other state of the US. You would like a dominatrix if you like a woman with sexual power. The escort playing a dominatrix would reward you and give you pleasure. There are toys, various ways of tying up a person and usage of tools to derive pleasure. If you want to be tied and just caressed with feathers you will get it. If you want to be restrained and then pleasure by your balls, even that is acceptable. As discussed earlier, BDSM has a variety of acts and tools that can bring pleasure when used in the right way.

BDSM is a great way to bond or find sexual release. Couples use it to bond or renew their relationships as well. So, you can guess how much it influences pleasure.

If you live in the USA, you can find escorts or escort agencies that allow and encourage BDSM. If you ever question yourself – how to find bdsm escort girls near me, then a google search can help. Search with keywords such as bdsm roleplay escorts near Las Vegas or whichever city or state you are in.These unusual methods of sexual play may peak your pleasure and give you relief that you may have not experienced before.


Discreet Escorts in New York

Discreet Escorts in New York to give you ultimate pleasure and keep your identity Secured


Escorts, male or female provide company to the clients. When I say company, it can involve doing activities together, going to events or places with the client or spending time with the client. There is also the perk of having sex at any time. Escorts aim to please you in any way you need all the while keeping your identity quiet.

Many well-known people have visited escorts for nights of pleasure, but very few have actually been exposed while doing so. This is quite discrete and is kept quiet. We know that when Lamar Odom went for an escort it was all over the news because of the ridiculous amount spent by him. However, there are many more high profile individuals that go to escorts but the meetings and the identities are kept private.

There are multiple steps that escorts and escort agencies take to keep a client’s identity private. The agency usually has one person which deals with the clients and the escorts keep it quiet for many reasons. The business survives on discretion and secrecy. If it were out that so many men went to so many escorts along with juicy details, then most men of power or wealth wouldn’t want that. They wouldn’t want their private lives splashed in the tabloids. There could be serious repercussions many would face if such news became public. So, what would they do? They would stop taking escorts and the escort business would be affected. Hence escorts and the agencies that manage them take great pains to ensure secrecy so that their business goes on.

If you livein New York, you can search for Discreet Escorts in New York or Discreet escorts near new York, to find someone for company and sex. Escorts are known for a pleasurable time. Whether the conversations they make or the acts they perform, they are all for your pleasure. If you are lonely and aren’t in a relationship or are just seeking company for a short time, then an escort can help you out.

New York is a bustling city with wealthy people and there are Discreet Escorts in New York that cater to the rich and famous. You can find escorts which keep identity secret and make the client feel secure. Escorts are not just for the wealthy, they also service normal people looking for company.

Instead of just handing by yourself, if you want to find someone to spend time with you and then pleasure you with sex, then try Discreet Escorts in New York. The escort will pleasure you no end and you will be very satisfied with the service they provide. They always aim to please. Their skills aren’t limited to vanilla sex and your pleasure is of utmost importance. If you have tried beautiful call girls in New York then you know it.

Many escorts offer unique experiences and some even give the GFE. GFE is a new term for the girlfriend experience where the escort acts like your girlfriend. You can spend time, cuddle, kiss, watch movies just like a normal man would. Many find this helpful as you can feel close and comfortable with a woman if you are lonely or single. It is more than one night’s sex with GFE.

Or if you have a certain sexual fetish, then even that can be satisfied by the escort. If you like a dominatrix or you like to be a dom, then you can request that of an escort. If you have other kinks that you need to satisfy with another, even then an escort will help you out. The only thing is, you need to communicate this very clearly when you book their service. The more information you give about your requirements, the more are the chances that your time will be highly pleasurable.

Escorts are open to the idea of sex and it can be oral, vanilla or any of the varied types. If you are in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy your sexual cravings. If you are single and lonely or if you are someone who just wants a good time, try Discreet Escorts in New York. You don’t have to be in one of the many categories described above to find an escort for pleasure. If you feel like it or your mind or heart want it, then you should go for it. Enjoy and explore during the session or time with the escort and don’t be too hesitant. Be open and you will like what the lady has to offer.

If you are thinking where I can find escort girls in New York, try an online search. This is the easiest method. Otherwise, you can find them through other means like clubs.

Escorts also work very hard at maintaining an environment that is welcoming and safe for the client. Because anonymity is the crux of most rendezvous involving escorts, they do their best to keep it hush hush. Most have an upscale and neat area where they meet the clients. It is tidy, clean and welcoming. It would look inviting and would ensure the privacy of the guests that come over. Services from New York best escorts would ensure that the client finds pleasure and their identity is safe.

Another point to keep in mind is to treat the women well. You don’t have to be over the top but remember that even they are human, and you must treat them with the same respect. If you do this, then even they will be happy to keep your meetings private and secret.

If you are interested in spending time with an escort and want to keep your identity safe, then search for Discreet escorts near New York. They will take every precaution they can to not draw attention to you or themselves when they are with you. You can have fun with them, safe in the knowledge that your identity will be safe and away from prying eyes.


Girlfriend Experience Escorts Near Me

Find Girlfriend Experience Escorts Near Me in the United States

Ever wondered what it was like to have a girlfriend? Or are you one of those who want a girlfriend but don’t, due to many reasons? There are perks to having a girl, no wonder so many men have girlfriends. So, what do you do if you don’t have a girlfriend right now and want to experience that comfort?

Try the GirlFriend Experience escorts. Escorts have been known to provide company to lonely men or men who need a companion for a short time period. With the Girl Friend Experience escort, you can experience the full pleasure of having a real girlfriend. Escorts that give GFE experience provide more personal and intimate activities like kissing and cuddling, which isn’t offered by other sex workers. You can have this experience for one night or for a longer encounter with the escort to role play as girlfriend and boyfriend. The girl will give you attention, have conversations with you and spend time with you just like a girlfriend would.

There may be any number of reasons why you don’t have a girlfriend but would want one and escorts can help you fulfill that fantasy. Getting a girlfriend requires work; time and effort more precisely, which many may not have. This shortage of time could be due to work pressures or other things. Some may feel lonely because there are no females in their lives or just miss the kissing and cuddling even if they are in a relationship. The Girl Friend Experience escort will talk to you; spend time with you, listen and kiss and cuddle. She will make you feel good and loved. Just like in a real relationship there is warmth, passion and intimacy, the GFE experience will give you all that. You can enjoy the very best parts of an intimate relationship without any strings or commitment and even without putting in the effort that involves finding a real girlfriend.

You can use the girlfriend experience to learn varied things in life. You will get enthusiastic companionship and engagement from the escort. If you don’t like to travel alone, then go with an escort and she will participate with you in all the activities that you enjoy. Whether it be a hike or camping you can take advantage of the company.

Many escorts that spend time with you in the GFE experience work to maintain a genuine loving front. They will pay attention and show affection just like a real girlfriend. One of the many perks of having a girlfriend is the sex of course. You can get intimate with an escort the same way. In fact, a lot of them can help you explore your sexuality or even teach you new things if you ask. Or on the off chance, you are a virgin, want to get rid of your virginity as soon as possible and you cannot wait to find a girlfriend, then the fastest way could be to get together with an escort. An escort will leave you thoroughly pleasured. You can enjoy real girlfriend experience sex with the escort. The lady will do everything that you would want your girl to do to or you want to do to the girl to find sexual happiness.

Not just sex, but the level of intimacy offered by the escort would be high. Some escorts even text with you like a girlfriend along with sending cards for valentine’s or your birthday. The simple acts of holding hands, kissing in the movie theater or just going for a romantic walk can make you feel good, which is what an escort in a GFE experience can give you. For those of you who have been out of a relationship for very long and don’t know how to get back in the flow, you could try the Girl Friend Experience escort. Often, people who have been dating for a long time, don’t expect to go back into dating another new person soon.So, if they need to date again, they may feel out of touch. They can make use of an escort and get a girlfriend experience to rediscover their romantic side.

If you are interested in finding an escort who can help you fulfill the joys of having a girlfriend, then search for girlfriend escorts near me. With technology, you can do internet searches to find an escort for the GFE experience and there is even an app for that now. The German app Ohlala is planning its services to the United States. If you run a search for girlfriend escorts near Los Angeles or girlfriend experience near Miami, based on your location, you will find services that offer GFE.

There will be listings on Thrillist and Yelp so you can choose from one of the services. There are establishments that offer this in certain states of the US where escort services are legal. You can just go into the establishment and get yourself a GFE package. If you want to understand more of how this works, there is a TV drama of the same name
and a movie even. It may not provide all the facets of what you would get in a GFE with an escort, but you will get the gist.

The GFE can offer you social interaction, sexual acts and companionship. All of this without the fear of rejection. If you want to experience having a girlfriend that shares everything with you, spends time with you and even engages in sexual acts that you like, then do try this. Not all girls will be up for certain sexual exploration and with an escort, you can be upfront and there is a high chance that she will help you fulfill your sexual fantasies as well.

Enjoy the intimacy and comfort with a GFE experience. You can do absolutely normal tasks like have a meal together, cook together, go for casual dates and hang out with each other. All of this is a part of the GFE. But if at anytime you want to go into sex or if you don’t want to continue with this then you have the freedom to go all-in or blackout without worrying about any uncomfortable discussions.

Try the experience if you are seeking company and for sure it will leave you happier.

Is it a good idea to hire an escort?

Escort services were long associated with popular multi billionaires and tycoons. Today, Escorts agency service is mounting more and more in the metropolitan, and people are taking in a good way to fun especially on weekend or holidays which is definitely a good precursor to our society.

There are too many escort service over the global that promises they will fulfill your dream but all of those are not real, they initially or lastly failed to deliver their customers delight. You often search for escort services online but usually end up getting confused about selecting any one of them.

The toughest part also lies in picking out a good and perfect escort service agency to suit your requirement, budget and convenience. Picking out a proper escort agency from a load of unknown resources is no child’s play. You need to be meticulously careful and aware when browsing through the sites and details to avoid getting caught in the hassles of fraud and cheat. So, is it a good idea to hire an escort?

Benefits of Hiring an Escort

Hiring an escort is the preeminent option to a great fun for anyone who want to go outside of the town or want to take pleasure outside their home. Often times you’re feel emotionally wrecked and contemplating for a comforter. Escort service providers will give you an emotional outlet. Most escorts rejuvenate you and you’ll feel refreshed and much vital

An escort will provide you with endless ways to be happy. This means that their special services can actually reach that count. Simply choose the experience that you want then request for it. And you are sure to have it exactly.

If you want an elite escort who lives near you, she is easy to find. Just let your fingers do the searching. A few clicks on the mouse would lead you to her. Meet with her and you will definitely be a happy man. Did you just realize how ecstatic you will become as a man whose fantasies were just made real? Try it and you will see what am are talking about.

Tips to Consider When Looking For a Good Escort

The first step would be to search for popular escort directories. These directories usually list various advertisements that can help you find escorts around the place.

Agency escorts and independent escorts are the two types of escort services provided. If you prefer dealing with an escort one-on-one you can hire an independent service. If you wish take advantage of a wider selection, you should choose an agency. Such services do offer some consistency. But you may end up paying a bit more because of other inclusions.

You can also search for a good escort by browsing thorough through the internet. You will find lots of information, details and even reviews about escort agents to help you get an enhanced idea. Sometimes, it’s also good to take the suggestion of friends who has availed some local escort service before.

The next step is to make a list of all the escorts companies that you found by browsing the internet. Mark down their details, facilities, experience and packages on offer for a thorough comparison and analysis. Also check for reviews and feedbacks from previous clients about these organizations in order to choose better. After you have gathered enough details about your choice of escorts, try digging out more information on agency’s experience, previous scandals, customer track etc. When you are satisfied with your research and analysis on all the companies, it’s time to narrow down the list by choosing the best few in accordance to your like.

Finally it’s time to check and compare the service rates and facilities offered by these escorts. Verify for hourly basis rates, types of services offered and all other related issues in details before booking. Also check out whether the escorts agent of your choice provide with complete safety and security of your personal details.

Decide beforehand whether you want to avail the service of that escorts company just for companionship to parties and clubs, or is interested in opting for some private moments of flings too. Most escorts are known to offer incall as well as outcall services as per the clients requirement in exchange of some extra charges. Instead of waiting for the last moment, it is better to opt for an advance booking either through email or phone.

After you have decided on that preference, you need to look for pictures of such courtesans. Hire them when you are sure that this is the same individual you see in the picture. If you are still not convinced and wish to check for authenticity there are plenty of services online that offer reverse image search. There are also a lot of review sites that provide comments and reviews on such services and individual escort as well.

These escorts usually have stage names that you can search for online to get a clear idea about their credibility. Sometimes the escorts that you have hired might not offer the services you hope. This industry uses a lot of secret lingo. Getting acquainted with this language is a must if you wish to avoid being disappointed. Most hires would state the services that they offer in the form of abbreviations. Search them if you are not familiar with it to achieve clarity on what you are going to pay for.

Mostly, these agencies offer their services with diversified prices. Deciding on a budget before you take a plunge is advisable. But you also need to save up some cash if you are low on it. This will help you attain a much better experience. If the escort you are about to hire has not mentioned her price, it would make sense not to deal with her. Such dealings usually end up in unnecessary negotiations and you would most likely not benefit from it.


Finding an escort is a good deal, but can get tedious. Hence, find out if your escort agency is fine with all your arrangements or if extra charges would be included in the final bill.


In the world of escorts and sex workers, preference matters. Their bodies are what makes money for them, and protecting it means protecting their business. Some escorts prefer not to provide their services to African American men. Their ads would say something along the lines of “No Black Men” or “No African-Americans” or “No AA” or “No brothas”. It is for a variety of reasons and the major reasons are these :

1) The Size

No, this is not the body size but the size of their dicks. This is not saying that all African American men are well endowed or gifted when it comes to the size but a lot of them are. Not all girls or women have the capacity to withstand more than average length and size. Some women say that some black men can be rough and aggressive and if you add up their huge size, that’s going to leave the woman sore. Since they are in the sex business, more likely, they will be seeing more than just one man or client in a day. Their main goal, give the man pleasure and make him come in the quickest way they can. If they’ve already spent up their energy and their vajajay have already taken quite a performance, it would take them a lot longer to recover and thus their business for the day or days would suffer. Sex is not just about penetrations so it’s quite hard to accommodate the other requests such as oral or even anal if the size is quite large. Admit it or not, it takes a lot of effort and strength to give sexual services without any emotional attachment and it’s all just for the money. This is why girls would rather go for the average and not risk it. There are some who are brave enough to take on the larger sized men but would charge extra for it or would double the price of their services since it would require them as well to perform. They say that size does matter and it is particularly true for these women, not because of pleasure. Remember that they are not in this job for pleasure and they fake their enjoyment majority of the time so if it’s going to leave them sore and out of commission for days, they’d rather not do it at all.

2) Bad Experience in the Past

Some women have already experienced and have already been victims of injustices such as violence, abuse, robbery, and the likes of African American men. Things like this are traumatizing and it would create in them that kind of irrational fear that would have them generalize that all men of that race can also do what the others have done to them. It is unfair to those who are decent and well-meaning but you can’t blame these women especially if they really suffered hard from their previous experience.

Escorts do the job for money but unfortunately, some have experienced being robbed after giving their services. Some women are okay to deal with African American men but would have an age preference. This is one of the reasons. Robberies most likely happen when they deal with young black men especially in cities or places where there are ghetto communities. It’s either they rob you or are cheapskates. These women are in this industry for the money but being robbed or not being paid for their services just makes it worse for them.

Some women say that a lot of black men don’t take care of themselves (talking about grooming and hygiene here) or they don’t want to wear rubbers or contraception. The women said they are more likely to get STD’s from them because of this and if they already had gotten one in the past because of a certain man, that would be enough reason for them to be cautious as to not to have to deal with someone who might give them the disease.

Violence and abuse are what most women are afraid of and for those who had the misfortune of suffering this, the trauma is something that they’d have to live with for the rest of their lives. Why does this happen? Some men just have this notion that because they are dealing with sex workers, they have the right to treat these women however they want to. The women who have experienced this kind of violence are not being
racists, it’s just that they had to learn the hard way and their experience taught them who they need to avoid in order to keep themselves safe in this industry.

This is not to stereotype the black men. It doesn’t take a genius to know who’s the decent kind and who are those who are from the ghetto. The thing is if the women have friends who have had a horrible experience in the past, they would rather not risk themselves and avoid black men altogether rather than putting themselves out there with the probability that they would experience the same things that their friends did.

3) Racism

This is probably the worst kind of reason but something that’s quite uncontrollable, unfortunately. Some women don’t have a specific reason as to why they don’t cater to African American men. They simply just don’t want to. Maybe they just have a preference when it comes to looks, that they are not quite attracted to black men, and some just have this idea that white men will treat them better. Some have this idea that all Black men are from the ghettos which for them, equals to violence. Guns, drugs, STD’s, things that they don’t want to deal with. However unfair it may seem, these girls just want to protect themselves.

The job of escorts and sex workers is not an easy job. It is looked down upon and respect is hard to come by. This is why they would also prefer to give their services to those who would treat them fairly. Their bodies, their choice, their preference. At the end of the day, as any person would, they would want to work for someone whom they can be comfortable with and would feel safe with.

The wild world of BDSM

What is BDSM?

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. BDSM is a wide range of sexual activities which involves consensual power plays between more than one individual. In these intimate activities, partners eroticism emotions and sensations that are likely to be unpleasant in a non- erotic context. BDSM is both consensual and erotic as pain is transformed to be a pleasure. Without the BDSM, these sexual activities might seem non-consensual.

However, all the partners engaged enjoys regardless of how the situation might seem humiliating to another person. BDSM is highly associated with affection and trust. Despite some people considering it to be dehumanizing and perverted, most aficionados believe it is the most nurturing, loving and intimate form human play and contact. It is a range of practices The most common form of BDSM is that which involves two partners who are known as a dominant and a submissive. All the power and responsibilities are held by the dominant. The dominant has the power to demand different actions while the submissive receives the activity which they might or might enjoy secretly or not so secretly. Different terms are used to describe the relationship between the submissive and the dominant. Mostly, ‘domme’, ‘femdom’, or ‘dominatrixes’ are words used to describe dominant women. Other people, mainly those adhering to the age-old role of the lesbian, the gay and transgender community usually refer to them as top and bottom. In the age play, the dominant is typically referred to ‘daddy dom’ while ‘mommy domme’ is used to refer to the submissive. Key techniques and kinks

There are many techniques and kinks that are practiced in the dominant and submissive relationships. The most common technique is the rope play which involving the dominant restraining the submissive with a rope. Also, there is spanking and whipping for erotic pleasure. One of the most common kinks is edging which involves a dominant bringing the submissive onto a precipice of an orgasm and refuses to release. There is also a forced orgasm which involves the dominant making a submissive orgasm when they are not willing

The BDSM relationship is consensual.

This is because the relationship between these partners happens inside a play scene, also known as a play space. This is because the two partners get together to enact scenes like role-playing, where the partners discuss the scene before it happens. During this discussion, the partners go through options that can be engaged in the act as well as those that should be avoided.

It is required for both the dominant and the submissive to adhere to these boundaries. A Dominant can be powerful, domineering and even bossy but in case the submissive does not want a particular act, then it is off the table. Equally, if the dormant does not wish specific actions, the submissive should honor the boundary. This understanding is what differentiates BDSM and sexual assault. In consensual BDSM, a submissive will want to be groped and spanked, but when he or she does not want to be groped and spanked, it should not be done as it is a violent crime.

The fun in BDSM

The fact that there are boundaries is what makes BDSM fun. This is because, at any time, the play can stop when a partner says the safe word. The safe word is also used to stop the play and talk about why a situation violated consent or even fix a problem. It is fun being spanked, getting whipped or even degraded by your partner when it is all you want in the world.

Skills needed in BDSM

Just like other sexual related activities, it requires a lot of time and practice to be a dominant or a submissive. There is a wide range of safety tips that both partners should keep in mind during BDSM. There is a lot to know when a dominant is restraining his or her partner: One of BDSM activities that requires a lot of
knowledge and skills is rope tying. This is because it can be risky in case it is too tight as it can cut off circulation which might lead to severe nerve damage. The ropes should be kept loose enough, and one should be able to pass at least two fingers between the skin of the partner and the rope. The primary goal of using ropes is to restrain. In case the rope gets wet, it should be even looser. Additionally, the dominant and the submissive should be prepared for emergencies, and there should have an efficient way of communicating.

How to get started in BDSM

The first thing you should do is to think critically about what they want, either the world of domination or the submissive one. You should consider the role they desire to be playing during BDSM. If you want to be in control and inflict pain and pleasure on others, then you should be dominant. In case you would like to receive the humiliating power and the dominant presence, then be a submissive. After deciding on your desires, you should take time to practice. There a lot to research, learn and practice before you can get started. You should familiarize yourself with all the kinks, positions, role plays and sexual experiences. This will help you to understand what kind of a relationship you want. It can stop to be fun when you are a submissive when your desires to be dominant and vice versa.

After acquiring all the skills and knowledge about BDSM, then the next step is looking for a partner. In case you are in a relationship ensure that your partner well skilled as well. And if you are single, there are many ways to find a play partner. There are different social gathering that people go to learn more about BDSM and also sloshes where aficionados can meet under similar circumstances.lt can be scary taking the first step into the BDSM world. Most people are always nerves on their first experiences, but soon enough, the initial fear fades away. Apprehension then turns in to the excitement. Even if it might hurt at first, do not hold back, embrace yourself!

How to become a high priced escort?

Escorts have solidified their position in the public’s consciousness and pop culture as a whole. From ‘The

Secret Life of a Call-Girl’ to ‘Escort’, many movies and TV shows have portrayed, glamorized and taken the lid

off the experience of being an escort, as have many books, stories and songs. It’s not hard to see why- the

life of a high-priced escort certainly has its perks: A high-priced escort (whether working with escort services

or independently) can make up to $500 an hour. In 2014, Avery Moore, a high-class escort reported that she

earned over $2 million and enjoyed other perks such as being flown to over 19 countries, receiving expensive

designer gifts from clients, free meals and flights. With all these considered, the life of a high-priced escort is

certainly tempting.

However, it isn’t simply a life of jet-setting, designer bags and vacation mode. Escorting (particularly high-end

escorting) is a career in itself and like all careers, requires work and not everyone is cut out for the work. For

those who are, the path to becoming a high-priced escort is detailed as follows:

1. Keep yourself sexually compassionate and attractive

Companionship should be the main part of escort services. You should be attractive and seductive to your client. Fulfil his sexual desires by offering him quality services. This seems like the most obvious step. After all, escorting is a looks-based business. However, when we think of escorts, we tend to have the mental image if a tall, leggy blonde with large breasts and a tiny waist. Fortunately, the escort business isn’t that rigid in physical requirements. There is a demand for individuals of all shapes and sizes and as long as there is a market for it, any ‘look’ can enter the escort business. There are even agencies specifically for escorts of a particular size, race and other physical traits. The key is knowing your own look and seeking out the market for it. Keep in mind that once you have entered the business of escorting, work must be put in to maintaining the specific look you are selling.

This work might include regular exercise, hair and skin care etc.

2. Setting the rules:

The next step would be to determine what type of escorting you are willing to do (keep in

mind, there are several types of escorts). You might decide to only offer to keep clients company, body

massages or physical intimacy. In the case of physical intimacy, you must be sure of what acts you will and

will not engage in and what your boundaries are. Escorting is based on consent and boundaries and it’s best

to define these ahead of time. If you’re going to be playing a character, for example, a dominatrix, the acts

involved in your ‘performance’ should be decided upon.

3. Research the market:

No job should be undertaken without prior research about the industry, and escorting

is no business. In order to become a high-priced escort, it is imperative to know what types of escorting are

the most lucrative. Is it simply offering companionship for an evening or in-depth conversation? Find out

ahead of time and decide whether these are things your are willing to do. If they are, adjust your services to

fit the bill. Then it is best to research the best escort services. Beware of fake ads online making grandiose

promises. The best agencies to approach are the most reputable and best known ones. Look online at a

number of escort sites (reputable escort services will have some sort of public contact information). Many will

have an FAQ page to answer common questions and shabby-looking or poorly designed websites are serious

red flag. Websites with poor images and sketchy information are also a no-go.

Most reputable escort services take it upon themselves to protect the privacy of their escorts and thus act as

the middleman. One of the best ways to ensure that an escort service is reputable is to review them on

preferred411, an escort service listing and verification site. This helps you ensure that the agency you want

to contact is reputable and verified. It is best to compile a list of the best-looking agencies to approach. The

sites will also list their rates (usually per hour). Keep in mind that the agency takes a fee (usually 40%)of the

rate. If the amount charged seems suitable to you, you may add the agency to your list.

Some people prefer to escort independently (without the use of an agency), but most high-priced escorts

work with agencies as this gives them easier access to clients.

4. Approaching an agency:

Many agencies have pages on their websites where recruitment dovetails for

potential escorts are listed. Keep in mind, high-priced escort services have very strict guidelines for potential

escorts, and this usually means no tattoos, no inappropriate attire (keep in mind that you will be meeting with

VIP clients), a natural look and a high regard to hygiene and appearance. Believe it or not, those are hardly

the only requirements. High-priced escort services often require the escort to be highly intelligent, be able to

hold reasonable conversation and some require a certain education level (usually the escort should have or

should be pursuing an undergraduate degree at an institution of repute). Applicants meeting these

requirements are often asked to fill a form confirming their age, contact details, body specifications as well as

pictures of themselves. Don’t forget that there are agencies that specialize in a range of body types and

features and if one isn’t looking for escorts that look like you, another might be. You just have to look for that

service and approach them for work.

5. Asking questions:

If the agency is satisfied with your pictures and information, you will be called in for an

interview. The purpose of this interview is to get an idea of what you are like and how you will appear to

clients. It is best to dress appropriately and appear polite and confident. A reputable agency will never ask

you to perform any sex acts during your interview (some shady agencies often try to trick potential escorts

this way) and will not demand any upfront fee. During the interview, it is important to ask question about the

fee you will charge clients, what percentage the agency will demand, where you will meet clients and what

will be expected of you, how payment will be made, how they intend to ensure your safety and medical

examinations for both you and the clients. All questions should be answered thoroughly and to your


6. Professionalism at work:

When you begin working with an escort service, it is imperative that you conduct

yourself professionally. This means showing up on time to appointments, making good conversation with the

client and any other thing required of you, staying in good communication with your agency and providing

satisfaction to the client. This ensures that you receive favorable reviews from clients and as such, will be

able to charge more.

Offering escort services is not hard or easy either. You just have to be on top of your game and you will take

the best cheques home every night and your diary will always be full, whether you are an agent escort, agent

or an individual escort.


Are The Lot Lizards near me Roadbunnies?


Lot Lizards Near You Are Not Roadbunnies

A lot lizard is a prostitute who engages in sexual activities with truck drivers in exchange for payment normally in the form of money and valuables. The term lot lizard is used because the prostitute moves from truck to truck depicting a lizard moving from rock to rock and usually engages many drivers in a limited amount of time. A lot lizard is a form of street prostitution and lot lizards are mainly involved in offering service to truck drivers at truck stops and trucking industry. A lot lizards will propose his or her offer to the truck driver using a Citizens Band(CB) radio which is a form of short distance two way radio communication from a car that is parked a short distance from the truck. A lot lizard may also walk to the side of the truck and knock on the driver’s side, talk to the truck driver and join the driver in the truck after reaching an agreement. Lot lizards near me can be found at commercially operated as well as state operated truck stops, welcome centers and rest areas in the United States. Lot lizards near me can be found at truck stops in West Memphis Arizona, Memphis TN, Montgomery Alabama, El Paso Texas, Indianapolis, IN, Pilot truck stop in Louisville, Charleston West Virginia, TA truck stop in Grand Bay Alabama and at Gallops Truck stop, Michigan City. They are also all over along the Mexican border in truck stops.


There are many types of lot lizards. Commonly known types of lot lizards near me include the Citizens Band radio that engage the driver using his radio frequency airwaves and ask the driver if he/she needs company or is looking for someone to have some good time with. The lot lizard will use phrases such as ‘what color is your house’ that translates to what color is your truck for them to locate the truck. Knocking skinks tap on the truck driver’s side window and talk to the truck driver directly. After tapping on the truck driver’s side the lot lizard will use the phrase ‘any commercial tonight?’ or ‘are you looking for commercial company?’ to find out if the driver is interested in commercial sex. Lot lizards knocking on the truck driver’s side at night have a tendency of never giving up until the driver talks to them or tells them to go away. After reaching an agreement the lot lizard may go ahead to join the truck driver in the cabin and offer service. A wandering whip tail lot lizard will approach the truck driver as he buys coffee or cigarettes and offer to talk or free company. Wandering whip tails sometimes approach truck drivers looking for free rides. Spiny desert dealers sell drugs and contraband to truck drivers and in the process they also propose sexual services in exchange for money. A horntail house wife is a lot lizard that serves the truck driver while he is around and serves other truck drivers while the truck driver is away. Other lot lizard types like the wine and dine type operate in a gang, as the main lot lizard is offering service to the truck driver, the others are busy going through the truck driver’s valuable stuff and wallet. This is why many truck drivers fall victim to truck stop robberies. Lot lizards have a vehicle parked nearby (safe truck) to hide in if there is police presence to avoid getting arrested and resume their activities once the police are out of view.


Lot lizards near me may comprise homeless youth, teenagers, middle aged men and women to old people who engage in survival sex so as to get life’s basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothes. This may also involve free rides as an exchange. Lot lizards near me offer commercial sex acts in various locations that include the truck driver’s truck, surrounding brothels or the venues selected by the customers themselves. Lot lizards will flee the location in case of police presence. Dealing with lot lizards poses lots of risks that range from contacting communicable diseases, getting arrested and the truck being impounded to the truck driver losing his job or getting robbed at the same time. The truck driver may end up in jail for letting an under age lot lizard into the truck or illegal substances being found in the truck. These carry serious charges in a court of law and result in imprisonment of those involved. Some of the individuals who are lot lizards have communicable diseases that they transmit to the unsuspecting truck drivers.

There are many factors that have led to the recent increase in number of lot lizards such as popular culture that promotes prostitution, life circumstances forcing one to engage in acts of commercial sex, money, sex trafficking and poverty. Prostitution is often referred to as the oldest profession as it is integrated in our society and has existed since the beginning of time. Men and women serving as lot lizards are exposed to violence, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), drug and substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Sometimes the truck drivers may refuse to comply with the lot lizards agreement and refuse to pay.


Lot lizards are socially isolated and stigmatized as a result of their activities. They lack families, parents and relatives and give in to the use of drugs to be less lonely and get addicted. For many in the lot lizard commercial sex work, use of drugs is seen as a primary pathway to the entry of the lucrative business. Abusive relationships had also been reported to be a major cause for the practice of street prostitution as a lot lizard especially by the female sex workers. Physical and emotional abuse from their boyfriends and husbands or partners has caused them to turn into lot lizards. Childhood sexual exploitation, incest, rape as well as prostitution by family members can make one to turn to prostitution. Most lot lizards try to avoid potentially violent truck drivers by choosing their clients carefully or choosing not to conduct their business inside the truck. The lot lizard may also carry a weapon as a way of protecting herself.

While it is difficult to eliminate prostitution, parents need to educate their children on the dangers of the profession as well as associated risks in order to prevent and reduce the growth of lot lizards.

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